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Nicotine Diaries is an ongoing project to promote the anti-smoking message and expose the Truth about big tobbaco it wll include video blogs/journal entries/poetry/illustrations / and music. The nicotine diaries is also a book I am working on compiling my thoughts and illustrations about what I have gone threw in the process of quiting.

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Submitted by Alan Monteath
Nicotine means death-
Nicotine means quiet adjectives-
Nicotine means disease that will tear through the mortal hearts of the ones you love.
Nicotine causes abominations to happen.
Nicotine means cancer that we will surely have if we continue with the abusive substance.
Nicotine means unwordly propaganda that places each and every one of us who are accustomed to its grasp.
Nicotine means craving we crave therefore we smoke.
Nicotine means unquieted peace, not the peace that one has through our father GOD but from satan the peace of bitter endings.
Quit means good.
Quit means peace.
Quit means life not death.
Quit means love-You have to love yourself and those other loving creatures that are in your world.
Quit means victory-YOU HAVE BEAT THE DEMONS NOW PRESS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The end of Day three!! Woohoo.. I had lot's of peppers today..

I am sticking with the plan!

God thank you for the strength you give me. 

I talked a lot with my oldest daughter about what I am going through.

I think this time I will really quit:)





comment: I have quit smoking now for 38 days. I am still bugged by the 'nicotine demons' I want to smoke a cigarette everyday. I am particularly bugged at dinner time. And by all the residents of the group home that I am in who smoke heavily. I must prevail, remain strong and beat off these hellish monstrocities who try to get me in their nicotine craze. PEACE-Alan Monteath